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Supporting Young People Through Puberty

That’s Life Schools Educational Programme

I provide a personal health and wellbeing programme in-school or virtual platform via zoom. My Health Educational Programme including a range of health and wellbeing issues, puberty, including body image, emotional changes, relationships and friendships, hygiene, sleep and menstrual health education to support the school RSE/SPHE modules of the educational system. Emotional changes and accepting ourselves and others and the differences we all have.

I am holding school sessions for many years and as well as School nurse training in the uk I also have completed the LGTB1+ and young people training 2020 on line at and

My Expertise

 Registered Children’s Nurse (RGN)

Still actively nursing Children in Hospital and working in partnership with parents when their child is admitted either unwell or for a procedure. Essential qualities of  trust, respect, Empathy, warmth and sensitivity is what I bring to my school role as educator and support to Teachers.

Specialist School Nurse UK trained

Trained as School nurse and specialised for many years within the school’s and since 2005 with That’s Life Education Programme. My central focus of this well-being programme at primary school level is to enable the pupil to get to know themselves and their body changes better. My aim is always to continue to improve the awareness of health and wellbeing in young people so they can move on in life stages of sexual health (puberty) and education in conjunction with the Relationship & Sexuality Education (RSE) / Social, Personal, Health Education (SPHE) programme within the school

WISE facilitation training 2021

What Inform Support Engage/Educate

Our Goal

We aim to complement the RSE/SPHE programme within the school. We work in line with the HSE Health Promotion programme “busy bodies”. We cover growing up, body changes and puberty, caring for one selves in daily activities of hygiene, coping with period’s, menstrual care being prepared, period cramps, wet dreams, healthy eating and bedtime and sleep habits. I have an interactive quiz so that the children can write down the new terminology they are learning, maybe for the first time. I speak to boys and girls in separate groups as I find some questions can be sensitive and the child is more relaxed to ask questions. Programme is more about oneself rather than the opposite sex, but puberty changes on both sexes are covered.

What Our Schools Say

Margaret Crean has been presenting the That’s Life Education programme in our school for many years now. She works with our 6th class every year as part of the RSE curriculum. She talks to them about puberty, personal hygiene and healthy lifestyles. The knowledge that she imparts is in line with the RSE programme. Margaret presents in a professional and matter of fact manner which helps the pupils relax and engage with the topics. In our school, she takes the boys and girls separately. I think that this puts both groups at ease and more willing to ask questions. I can highly recommend Margaret to any school. She is warm, personable and a pleasure to have as a visitor.

Sheila Creed Príomh-oide Bunscoil Chill mhic Thomáisín, Co. Phort Láirge