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Programme can be adapted to suit other age groups

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Programmes can be adapted to suit other age groups

Young Adolescent and Wellbeing Lecture School Educational Programme

First Year (12 – 14 Years)

I  speak to girl’s and boy’s separately as some sensitive questions are freely asked as I can give a more in-depth information about either periods and coping with periods with the girls, clarifying and normalising the changes of puberty for boys or girl’s, daily activities of personal hygiene, healthy eating and physical activity as well as the importance of sleep routines, emotional development and accepting differences, our sexuality and friendships.

I discuss the importance of a healthy daily routine throughout the term time in order to have more energy and also to have a good impact on the overall mood and productivity.

I am happy to construct a programme for the individual class needs i.e Vaccines, Head-lice, Hygiene

Well Young Woman’s Lecture or Well Young Man’s Lecture

Third Year

Now the adolescence is moving through Puberty I cover for the young women issues like Pre-menstrual syndrome, ovulation, body awareness and breast awareness, what’s not so normal with our periods like heavy periods, painful periods or irregular periods.

With the young men I discuss body changes, shaving, a session on testicular cancer, and the importance of self examination to empower the young man to know what is normal and so if a change occurs what to do.

Both groups have appropriate information on sexual transmitted diseases, sexuality, relationships and gender identity and factual information on alcohol and smoking. Good mental health and the support of Spunout (


Margaret has been holding school sessions for many years and as well as School Nurse training in the UK, she has completed many courses

LGTB1+ and Young People Training completed online in 2020

Foundation Programme in Sexual Health Promotion 2014

Sexual Transmission Infection Foundation Course 2017

Family Planning and Well Woman Training 2010

What Our Students Say

 I remember Margaret Crean coming to speak to us about sex education. It was the first talk I received on woman’s health and it came at a very good time. On the day there was lots of excitement but also apprehension about the lecture, but Margaret made us feel at ease with her positive attitude, she set the atmosphere in such a way that everyone felt comfortable enough that they could ask questions without any worry. The lecture was very informative, she covered information on periods, living with them as a young woman as well as speaking about relationships and how to be safe within relationships. Now as a teacher myself I wouldn’t hesitate to ask Margaret to speak to students as I found it extremely beneficial at that age and appreciate the importance of it now as an adult woman and teacher. 

Denise Junior Certificate Students in Millstreet Community School

Having Mrs. Crean talk to us in first year was a great experience. Her knowledge and experience from being a nurse really showed, as she explained everything really well and made us all feel comfortable throughout the talk. Mrs. Crean was very accommodating with any questions that were asked and each and every one took something out of the talk, whether it was big or small. I personally, really enjoyed the talk and would highly recommend Mrs. Crean to talk to any students as her professionalism is next to none.

Sarah O’Connor 1st Year Student in Boherbue Comprehensive School.

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