Parent/Preteen Virtual Session

What to expect

“Learn the facts from the fiction so that the right information is out there”. Note I use the word Parent throughout but I also mean Parents/Carer/Guardian.

I am here to support you the parent and your child as you both are approaching a special time of your child’s life. Your son or daughter is growing up, maybe faster than you had anticipated and already you are looking back at the time in awe. Let this not be the big “Talk” but another one of many conversations as they will grow up from a young child to an adult. Let your child know the door of communication is always opened for them and this special time with Nurse Maggie helps to support and initiate the conversation about Puberty in the comfort of your own home at a time that suits you both. I will help in relationship building and giving you the time and emotional support and truly care about how the parent and the child feel. A sense of humour incorporates a light hearted attitude and can provide a sense of stress relief if embarrassment is felt by either parent or child. Having a good sense of humour provides positivity in the session. Making the effort to put myself into your shoes and treat the session as person centred care. I can lead the session so that all the facts are explained

How to prepare

Only parents and child in the room would be best

Reassure the child that Nurse Maggie is aware that they and maybe the parent may be a little embarrassed or they may be super excited and both are normal feelings. It would be helpful if you had a collection of items available as we will be discussing Hygiene. Maybe purchase the items or put them together with your child prior to the session. You will receive this list of items upon booking, it is important to note you do not have to have these items available on the night.

During the Session

The session is a mixture of PowerPoint presentation, discussion, and a guided quiz at the end. For girl’s demonstration of types of pads included and Tampons at your agreement. I begin the session with an introduction and chat. It may take both you and your child a few minutes to feel comfortable.

What Will be Discussed?

  • What is Puberty, the excitement of it, when it starts.
  • How the hormones work and causes these changes in boys and girls
  • Changes outside the body and inside the body within the reproductive parts of the body
  • Growing taller and bone health and growth, importance of calcium in diet
  • Puberty is also about the emotional changes and growing independent, feeling overly sensitive, looking for their own identity, mood swings.
  • We will talk about how the body sweat gland becomes more active and skin gets oiler and spotty or acne. This will lead into the topic of hygiene and the importance of daily body washing, including teeth, hair, hand washing.
  • Feeling fresh and comfortable and changing of underwear and keeping school uniform as fresh as possible for school wear. Importance of social hygiene.
  • To use deodorants/antiperspirants with your consent(types sprays or roll on.)
  • For girls Tips on Menstrual Hygiene and frequency of changing pads, choice of pads and do you want to talk tampons with your child especially if swimming is important to them. Periods do not stop in water.
  • Being prepared for the first period and looking forward to it as a celebration of another milestone or being prepared for the next period which may happen in school. The importance of a little kit with pads etc in their school bag or locker.
  • Sleep is a very important part of all our lives but how much should your child be sleeping for their growth and development. Tips on preparing to get to bed and setting up a routine on school nights.
  • Exercise and healthy eating, facts on what is recommended and how to fit into normal school day.
  • Body hair and voice changes