Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Puberty?

Puberty /Adolescence/ Pre/teen years

Lots of different ways to describe the years of growing when a child  begins to develop sexually, mentally and physically into an adult. It usually begins for girls from approximately 9 – 15years

And in Boys approximately 11 to 16yrs and it can last 2 to 5 years

Emotional growth can take longer for some

What should I say to my daughter/son about the session the session?

There is no need to specially prepare your child for the puberty session with Nurse Maggie.

If you can open the communication prior to session about how and where you learned about puberty and that you would like to be able to share this special time with them, so that you both have the same information, which is factual information and given very sensitively. Maybe say it’s been a while since you had your puberty “Talk” and have forgotten bits. Some will be very excited and they can’t wait, while others may be shy or embarrassed.  If your child is very anxious about the session, reassure them that you are there with them all the time and that at no time will the child be asked a personal question.

We mostly find the child, especially girls are quiet to begin with but relaxes. You will both have the information so can be part of an ongoing conversation afterward

we will be using correct terminology for the body parts, so it was be a learning curve for both parent and child

What happens to boys in Puberty?

The boy’s may see the girls growing taller than them, changing faster than them and wonder when all their changes will start. It is important to have the right facts and knowledge and a bit more patience, but they will benefit from knowing it has already started for them too, the body glands are now more active, feet and hands growing. They will have a few years of growing mentally, physically, sexually and emotional growth

Why should we celebrate getting our first period?

As It shows a positive reaction to a healthy sign of how our body works,

We celebrated their first tooth, first words the first steps and many more achievements of growing since they were born. Yes, periods are the sign of fertility and many menstrual cycles ahead for your little girl, but remember it’s a healthy sign and she will learn to navigate the physical and mental changes of puberty with support of family and friends as she continues to grow over the next many years