That’s Life Education

About Us

That’s Life Education is a Parent and School based support programme. It is intended for educators and parents of young adolescents. It will be presented in the context of factual and age appropriate information on development of the preteen/teen, physical and emotional, friendship and relationship with others

Registered Nurse And Specialist School Nursing

My name is Margaret Crean and I am a registered General and Children’s Nurse. I achieved my qualifications in London in the 1980’s. In 1990’s I qualified in London as a School Nurse Specialist and my role was a community school nurse with a base in a Primary health care clinic and was linked to a group of primary, secondary and special schools in the area. School Nurses in the UK work across education and Health, providing a link between school, home and the community. Our aim was to improve the health and wellbeing of children and young people so they can move on in education. We worked with families and children from five to nineteen.

I married and started a family and decided to return home to Ireland. When my third son was born, I decided I wanted to return to work with schools. For nine years, I worked with a company giving Puberty talks in schools to girls. I travelled many counties with these lectures in school term. In 2005 I decided to go back into Children’s Nursing as my sons were teenagers. At the same time  I also got feedback from schools that I was well missed and was asked would I consider starting out on my own with a school’s programme to continue the much needed support to teachers on health education, promoting sexual, physical and mental health and informs healthcare decisions, prevents disease and enhances school performance.

I started a boy’s programme as up to then it was unfairly only girl’s I had lectured to. Over the years I added primary school 5th and 6th class groups as well as parent sessions. This completes the circle as I started puberty sessions in schools as a School Nurse in London. I now work part time on a children’s ward which I love as well as visiting what I call as my schools .

Our Mission

I aim to complement the Relationship & Sexuality Education (RSE) / Social, Personal, Health Education (SPHE) programme within the school from Primary 5th and 6th class to Secondary school Junior cycle wellbeing programme 1st to 3rd year pupils. The promotion of positive partnership between pupils, teachers, parents and outside speakers.Giving accurate and age appropriate skills, attitudes and knowledge about the body, reproduction, sex and sexual health.

The inclusion of the  SPHE in the primary and secondary schools wellbeing programme ensures that students have a dedicated space and time to learn about themselves, care for themselves in their daily activities of diet, hygiene, menstrual care, exercise and importance of sleep and make informed decisions for their health and wellbeing. SPHE is part of the relationship and sexuality education (RSE) curriculum. SPHE is designed to help students become confident, happy, healthy and connected young people. To understand and be able to make and maintain healthy lifestyle decisions about their health and wellbeing

Our Vision

I am here to be a support to you the parent and make it a special time that one can look back on in years to come, maybe your thinking back to your own child hood and how you were told about puberty, periods or the body changes.

To help with open communication about puberty, periods, wet dreams erections etc.  between you and your child on a issue that some parents find hard to discuss, maybe not too up front with the correct terminology or how things really work or you just feel awkward and want support. Age appropriate as a parent/carer you are the first educator of your child. You are the caregiver of your child, you have nurtured, cared and with this you promote and support their physical, emotional and intellectual development and raised them to the age they are now and many more years yet.

Primary school’s share in the education of the child.  Teachers have been teaching sex education for many years at various ages and stages. It is important for children to learn about their own bodies, learn about the correct body part name, emotional health and feelings, how to look after themselves and to keep safe.